Bill Bickel and History of CIDU

William “Bill” Bickel (1955 – 2020) was a writer, journalist, and eventually new-media creator and online publisher. He was also a family man and devoted to several public-spirited causes.

A memorial page, with obituary and tribute comments, is at the website of the funeral home,

Along with the paper and online versions of Crimeweek, probably Bill’s most popular project was an online website or forum or blog … called “Comics I Don’t Understand” (and known as “CIDU” from its initials) which went through several different technical platforms and locations. The most recent is online now at and is still receiving comments.

Fans of “Comics I Don’t Understand” were looking for a way to continue participating in the fun and lively crosstalk and infamous “thread drift” of that site, but agreeing nobody could step into Bill’s shoes and run the original CIDU, a loose voluntary committee got together [not IRL!] and set up the new site that you are reading now. To both acknowledge our debts to Bill’s “Comics I Don’t Understand” yet not encroach on that creation, and to recognize the plural nature inherent in the committee of volunteers, we are using the related but modified name “Comics We Don’t Understand”.