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Do you have something to get off your chest? Observe, complain, praise?  If it’s about this site, and is suitable for public view (and perhaps replies in public as well!) you could post them here.

Note that these will be on public view, so don’t say anything you don’t want seen.

If you have private comments for the admins of this site, please email to the address in the Contributions text box in the sidebar.

And if you have comments, for public consumption, and NOT about this site but about comics or life’s little surprises in general you might go to the Random Comments page rather than here.

8 thoughts on “Feedback Comments”

  1. The linking does not work, still. But as an alternative, we have activated a plugin which allows uploading an attachment to a comment; and if the attachment is one of the very common image filetypes, it should embed in the comment.

  2. Regarding the tribute, maybe add a short sentence to acknowledge Aaron allowing us to go on with his father’s creation?
    Like ‘Many thanks to Aaron for allowing us to keep his father’s much appreciated website going’ (English not being my native language, you can certainly improve my phrasing).

  3. Or rather, credit the whole Bickel family for their generosity, with special thanks to Aaron for technical matters?

  4. And unthreaded, as well! Excellent!
    I’ll try the upload/insert trick next week from work because I’m not smart enough for my smartphone.
    Or, am I?

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